Friday, June 17, 2011

I Transplanted my Manoa Lettuce...

Into my new hydroponics set up! Last week we decided not to be lazy bums and got out and set up our hydroponics right next to our aquaponics. My Fiance bought the black tub (a mixing tub) and the styrofoam from a big box store.
The outlet from the aquaponics was moved from the main bed and into the new setup. The water now moves from the fish tub into the hydroponics. Then the extra water from the hydroponic overflows into the main bed which gets filtered before being released back into the fish tub.
We He cut circles in the stryofoam (I couldn't because of the sound, kinda like nails on chalk board. I'm cringing just thinking about it) and one in the tub for the overflow. I moved each lettuce into their own plastic holder.

Manoa lettuce started in rock wool
Manoa lettuce/rock wool/plastic holder
Manoa lettuce used to transplant into hydrotons      
Manoa lettuce/Hydroton/Plastic holder

I hope that the area that the hydroponics is will be shady and cool enough for the lettuce. I'll monitor it and I might need to put up some shade cloth.

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  1. Hi Linda! I wanted to tell you that most of the manoa lettuce seeds you sent me last year sprouted and grew into nice lettuce this spring! I remember you saying that you weren't sure if the seeds were mature enough, so I sowed the seeds a bit thickly in my raised bed. Oops, because most of them sprouted and got overcrowded! Ah well, that's what I get for trying to cut corners and direct seeding all my lettuce outdoors. I hope I can let some of them go to seed this year, because I really would like to collect some seeds and keep them going. Did they grow well in your garden this spring? Looking forward to hearing more about how your hydropponics work out!