Friday, November 19, 2010

Germinating Snow Peas, Bush Beans and Manoa Lettuce

The snow peas and bush beans that I sowed a week ago germinated, yesterday they were peaking through the dirt. Today there are stems and leaves! Wow how fast they pop out. BF wants some bush beans for the aquaponic system so I sowed 2 more seeds in one of the pockets in the Argotower.
Tendergreen Bush Bean
Melting Sugar Snow Peas
ArgoTower with Beans and Peas at the top
Here is the update for the Manoa lettuce that I tried to germinate more than a couple weeks ago. I have more Manoa Lettuce! The germination rate sucked, out of more than 30 seeds sowed only 10 has germinated. I'm glad that I got some but I don't know if I wanna keep the rest of the seeds.

Manoa Lettuce that germinated and sprouted
Close up of a Manoa Lettuce transplant
I didn't think they would germinate so I bought some Manoa Lettuce (Green Mignonette) and Anuenue (Aina Ola seed brand) seeds from HD

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