Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aquaponics and Japanese Cucumber

My BF wanted to combine both of our hobbies into one. His love of aquaculture and my hobby of growing things. Welcome our new aquaponics set up. (The white fence lattice is covering the bottom tub because we lost a fish over night. :( It jumped out of the tub. We are still thinking of a more permanent solution.)

This past Thursday and Saturday was spent driving all to Waimanalo to go to Waimanalo Feed Supply. They stock everything that you need to set one up, even the fish (Tilapia). They also sell everything as a kit with the piping all connected. The system consists of a pond pump, two tubs (1-18 gallon for fish, 1-26 gallon for growing), the table, water regulator, the fish, and black cinders. Very simple to put together at home. The only thing I have to complain about the system is you need to rinse the cinders before it is placed in the tub. It takes 3 bags of 3/4 cubic feet to fill the 26 gallon tub. It took us 3 hours and a LOT of water to rinse it all.

I bought a Japanese cucumber plant from HD today. I wanted to grow it in the aquaponics setup but I'm not sure how tall the cucumber will vine to.


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