Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hawaiian Chili Pepper

This is a 6" pot with 4 Hawaiian Chili Pepper plants that I bought from Lowes on July 22. My boyfriend wanted some Hawaiian Chili Peppers to make chili pepper water with. It's been a month and I've has to deal with white flys, ants, and aphids. I sprayed them with Neem oil or Ivory soap, I've also shot them off with a blast of water. The plants don't look that great because of all the pest damage. The first picture above is when I first bought them.

This next photo is how they are now. I planted a French Marigold in the middle of the 4 plants to help discourage the white fly.

If you look closely at this last photo in the middle there is a small chili pepper that is starting to grow. :)

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