Thursday, July 15, 2010

Manoa Lettuce

I bought two 4" planters full of Manoa lettuce seedlings. I know this is kinda cheating but its my first time trying. I decided to separate them and plant them in the Styrofoam container that was previously used for strawberries. (I moved all strawberries into an AgroTower.) There were so many seedlings that I had to use 2 more styrofoam containers. Even with more containers I still had extra so... I'm going to give ~10 to my boyfriends sister-in-law and freeze the rest so that I can put it in my worm composting unit when it gets delivered.

Manoa Lettuce is a butterhead type, it is also known as Green Mignonette. It was named Manoa lettuce because it was typically grown on Oahu in Manoa valley. It has been developed into a heat resistant variety that is suitable for Hawaii's tropical weather.

These are pictures of the 3 boxed of Styrofoam containers with Manoa lettuce inside.

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