Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I haven't posted in a long time.. Wow has it been a couple of years already? The reason for my absence is because I have a little baby girl :) Her name is Kristi and she is almost 6 months old.

My husband's aquaponics is still going, and I am planting a few things here and there. Right now I have shallots in my beds and trying to save my asparagus patch.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Chicks Are Here!

I picked up 1 Buff Orpington and 2 Black Silkies.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crazy for Chickens

I've been gone for quite a while. Been busy with a relaxing trip to the Big Island of Hawaii... and planning on how to raise/keep chickens. I've been driving my dear husband crazy with chicken talk. Talk about the location of the chicken coop to the size of the coop. I've been drawing my designs for a coop that we plan to build our self. The plan/design keeps changing with new ideas that I get, but I think that I finally have a design that I am happy about.

In urban Honolulu there is a animal ordinance that you can only keep 2 chickens per a household. I plan to keep 3, I want to have 2 standard size chickens (1 Buff Orpington, 1 Ameracana) and 1 bantam (Silkie). I figure that since one is a bantam is doesn't really count... lol.

I can't wait to pick up my baby chicks in a few weeks! (I just need to get started building the chicken coop tomorrow)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Harvest Monday 5/14/12

This was my first time growing sweet corn and I wasn’t sure how you know when to harvest the corn. I wasn’t even sure I was going to have any kernels formed on the cobs. Watching videos on you tube and reading articles say that 20 days after the silks have first formed the corn should be ready for harvest; at this time all or a majority of the silks should be brown and dry. You can also peel some of the husk to check if the corn is ready to be picked, this method will leave the cob vulnerable to insect damage.

I decided to use the peel  method to check some of the corn that looked full. The tips of the corn cobs weren’t developed but further down the cob there was kernel formation. The first picture is 5 pounds of corn that was harvested on Friday.  My mother in law steamed them to eat with dinner.  They turned a golden yellow color (shown below) and was crunchy, juicy and sweet. Nothing like the corn you buy in the supermarkets which are starchy and mushy.

I cleaned up the raised bed that contained the corn and harvested the rest of the corn that was left on the stalks. I harvested 1 pound and 11 ounces more of sweet corn, some are really small with a lot of pollinated kernels.

I also cleaned up the trellis of the snow peas, they weren’t really performing anymore. The weather is probably too hot for them right now. I read some where that they perform best when day time temperatures are lower than 80 degrees.

I also cleaned up the Jade cucumber vines, they had a lot of powdery mildew on the leaves. This cucumber below weighing 6 ounces was a surprise to me, it was hidden behind leaves. I didn’t know it was there until I was cutting the vine down.

  • Sweet corn 6 lb 12 oz
  • Cucumber 6 oz
Total Harvest this week: 7 lb 2 oz

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bush Beans in Beds and New Seedlings in Aquaponics

I sowed Fresh Pick bush bean in one of the raised beds a couple of weeks ago. They have all sprouted and are starting to show their true leaves. I am deciding if I want to plant more beans in the next row when I pull all the Pak Choy.

I also bought some seedlings for the aquaponics. My husband worries that there is not enough plants growing in the aquaponics to get rid of the waste in the water. So I bought one Bell Boy bell pepper, two Seascape strawberries, one Hawaiian chili pepper, one green Chiso, and one Better Bush determinate tomato.

I tried growing strawberries before but I felt like they weren't worth it for how much fruit they produced. They were grown in soil before and I hope that growing them in the aquaponics instead will give better yields.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Harvest Monday 4/30/2012 & Sowing More Seeds...

I sowed some Jade bush bean, Tasty Jade cucumber, and Manoa lettuce seeds on Sunday 4/29/2012. The bush beans will be planted into the aquaponic set up once they have their first true leaves. The Manoa lettuce will be moved into the hydroponics once their roots are long enough. I sowed 2 cucumber seeds to replace the two cucumber plants that are in the garden right now. They have reached the top of the trellis and are not producing anymore fruit.

On a off topic I also purchased a Vanilla Orchid today from Ko’olau Farmers. I don’t know why I wanted this plant. I just want to try and see if I can get it to develop vanilla pods I guess. I won’t know if it is possible for a couple of years. I have read that the vine needs to be longer than 10 feet before it will start to flower. Once it flowers I will need to learn how to self pollinate the flowers.

For this week harvest Monday I harvested a cucumber (tasty Jade – Japanese) which weighed 9 oz,. This cucumber was given to a coworker since I harvested 3 cucumbers last week. I also harvested 6 oz of Chioggia beets, and 2 oz of green bell pepper. You can see in the picture that there was one snow pea harvested on Monday. So sad… I want more.

  • Cucumber 9 oz
  • Beet 6 oz
  • Bell Pepper 2 oz
Total Harvest this week: 1 lb 1 oz

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Harvest Monday 4/23/2012 & Sweet Corn Progress

It’s been kind of slow this week in terms of harvest, but there is exciting news that the corn I planted has a corn forming on each stalk. This is the first time I’m growing corn so I‘m not sure if I need to help pollinate the silks. I did plant the raised bed of corn very close to each other so I will let nature do it’s thing this time around. If the formation of kernels is low then I guess I will hand pollinate the next time.

So for the harvest this week….

I harvest my trellis of snow peas daily but the harvest isn’t that much… This week I harvested about 1/2 oz of peas. The bottom of the pea vines are starting to die and turn yellow. I didn’t even get to make a stir fry yet. For the next I need to remember to sow more.

From the two Jade cucumber vines I have growing I have harvested 3 cucumbers so far that weighed in at 2 lb. There are more cucumbers forming too.

More volunteer tomatoes were harvested too around 4 oz. I tried them the other day, they taste like regular tomatoes. Not to sweet or tart, and they are kinda meaty. I plan to save a couple for seeds later on, since they not bad. Just wish that they were a little bit bigger.

  • Snow peas 1/2 oz
  • Cucumber 2 lb
  • Tomato 4 oz
Total Harvest this week: 2 lb 4 1/2 oz

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